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Yoga for Climbing with Philippe.

Saturday 10-11 am

Our Yoga for Climbing class is open to everyone, however, these classes will have a particular focus on the elements of yoga that can inform and improve climbing technique.

Philippe’s aim is to demystify yoga, as anyone can benefit from it as long as they practice safely and listen to their bodies. The benefits of Yoga are many, from general well-being, improvement of balance, and developing strength. The beauty of yoga is it is accessible to all, regardless of your body shape, age, or fitness level: we will have some equipment will be available to assist you if needed. Unlike many exercises, it is a non-competitive experience, so if you are a climber looking for a friendly space with a safe and informative practice, Philippe’s class is a great choice!

Pilates with Gina

Thursday 6-7 pm | Friday 10-11 am

Pilates is a gentle yet effective exercise used by top athletes and dancers that will leave you feeling relaxed and energized after each session. If you suffer from back pain, have difficulty with breathing, problems with your posture or you just want to improve your core stability and get into shape, then come our classes.

Gina completed her pilates qualification with Future Fit training and since then has been working with individuals, groups, leisure centers, and golf clubs. She has experience working with teenagers through to people in their 80’s.

Gina strongly believes in the power of making all aspects of life better through increasing awareness and the relationship between body and mind.

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