The Climbing Experience offers a new venue for fitness classes in Maidstone.


The Climbing Experience offers a purpose-built yoga and fitness studio, complete with a range of classes, guaranteed to keep you excited about your workouts.

We offer a beginner’s yoga and pilates classes as flexibility and core strength are key elements for successful and rewarding climbing. As well as helping with flexibility, yoga helps with breathing, stress-reduction, ability to focus, overcoming fears and anxieties, and the prevention of injury. Whether you’re new to yoga or if you’re looking to take your practice to a new level, our classes will elevate your knowledge and uplift your body. 

The yoga and fitness studio at the Climbing Experience offers a range of other fitness classes and lessons; from martial arts to Zumba, we have a class for everyone. Our fitness classes are open to all, whether you climb here or not, and easily accessible by beginners. 

“One does not climb to attain enlightenment, rather one climbs because he is enlightened.”

– Zen Master Futomaki


Thursday 10am

Our yoga teacher Shannon has been teaching in the Maidstone area since 2015. Her sessions offer an accessible, fun and dynamic style of Vinyasa flow. Shannon approaches her classes with warmth, compassion and a sense of humour, encouraging students to slow down and rediscover their bodies and mind. With Shannon’s beginner classes everyone can benefit from the healing impact of yoga regardless of their age, size, shape, or ability.


Wednesday 6pm

Kim has over 15 years’ experience in Pilates, specialising in rehabilitation, core structure and mobility/flexibility.  She is passionate about helping others take control of their bodies, learning about imbalances, appreciating strengths and working on weaknesses. Pilates for Beginners will give you indepth understanding of the fundamentals and principles of Pilates, layering up your knowledge over the weeks so you feel in control and confident in the exercises, your movements and your body.


Sunday 10am

A dance-based core fitness workout with a focus on enjoyment. Zumba combines high and low intensity dance moves designed to keep your heart-rate up and boost cardio endurance. Our instructor,Claudia, has taught successful ZUMBA classes for 7 years, and is a trained ex competitive Ballroom/ Latin dancer, with extensive knowledge and passion for many dance styles. She has recently choreographed and performed Latin shows and taught classes around the country. Her ZUMBA Classes are fun, high energy and efficient in providing a full body workout, focused on core, stamina and posture.




Tuesday 7-8pm & 8-9pm

A traditional Korean martial art with 2nd Dan practitioner, Christos Panagiotopoulos. Christos, who has been studying martial arts for over 25 years holds 2nd Dan in Hapkido and 2nd Dan in Tang Soo Do. He is a brilliant martial arts teacher who focuses on fundamentals and discipline in a safe environment.

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