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Children age 4 and up can try climbing!

At The Climbing Experience, there’s something for every age group to enjoy.  Our Fun Wall is the perfect place to start and a great introduction to the sport.  We have plenty of climbing challenges and our instructors are always on hand to give hints and tips, as well as to make sure that every young climber is having a great experience with us.

If your group is over the age of 7 and has s little more climbing experience under their belts, we can also facilitate group bouldering lessons.  Bouldering is climbing without ropes, but at a lower height level than our Fun Wall.  There’s loads to learn and young climbers can even track their progress using our coloured circuit grading system.

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Climbing and SEN

It’s hugely important to us to be as inclusive as possible at The Climbing Experience and we hope to offer every child the sense of achievement that comes with climbing. As mentioned, climbing is great for both physical and mental health, but there is also increasing evidence that it can really help those with special educational needs in even more ways.  

 Physical skills include balance, strength, and coordination while using the entire body helps to focus mental attention. Children can gain a greater awareness of the movement of their own bodies through the fact that this is both a mental and physical sport.  

We are able to facilitate SEN sessions at quieter times to make sure the environment will suit your group. Get in touch with to find out more

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