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Boost your wellbeing with workshops featuring yoga, meditation, gong baths and more.


Bodywork, Breathwork and Mindfulness

with Claire Boucher

Sunday 19th June & 24th July


Price: £20

How are you? Genuine question.

Have you recently spent any time checking in to see how you really truly are at your core level? Perhaps you’re struggling? Or just in need of some “you” time?

Let us guide you on a journey inwards through movement and embodied enquiry. This afternoon of bodywork, breathwork and mindfulness will take on a somatic approach. A somatic practice brings you into relationship with your body, in order to release trauma and stress that has become physically stuck. This is a safe space allowing you to explore your body through soft, gentle movement. You’ll learn a range of breath techniques and relaxation exercises which, alongside the bodywork, will allow you to tap into your emotional and energetic body. The session will be as trauma sensitive as possible.


Qigong & Gong Bath Meditation

with Club Chi

Monthly Friday Sessions 7-8:30pmQigong & Gong Meditation

Price: £20

Bringing Qigong and Gong Meditation together for the ultimate wellbeing experience.

This 90-minute session begins with a Qigong (Movement Meditation) session, working with movement and breath, to invite calm and balance in mind and body. Then, relax and release even deeper through gong meditation. Connecting the therapeutic benefits of movement therapy and the gongs, this really is a 90-minute session which will enrich you inside and out and from top to toe.

Friday 28th January, 2022

Friday 25th February

Friday 25th March

Friday 29th April

Friday 20th May

Friday 17th June

Friday 15th July

What do I need to bring with me?

You only really need to bring yourself!

You may wish to bring some water with you (as is always recommended).

Mats may be available, however you may wish to bring your own mat should you wish to do the session barefoot or in socks to provide additional comfort.



In addition to the above, please bring any mats, pillows, blankets and/or a duvet,  to ensure you stay warm and comfortable during the Gong Bath Meditation should you be laying on the floor.

Although we have some you can borrow, you may wish to bring your own eye mask with you, should you prefer to switch off for the session in this way.

Important information for the Chi-Gong sessions & Gong Bath Meditation sessions – please arrive 10 minutes before the start time to allow yourself time to get settled prior to the session commencing.  Any late arrivals may not be permitted to enter to avoid disturbing the experience for other attendees.

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