Workshops Maidstone, Yoga, Gong Bath, Moon Women's Circle

Moving into Meditation

Friday 23rd February

Friday 6:30-7:30pm
£10 Adult/ £8.50 Climbing/FREE for STUDIO MEMBERS

This workshop will begin with some mindful yoga to help prepare body and mind for seated meditation.

After helping you find a supported seat, Rachael will share meditation techniques to help you draw awareness inwards and observe your experience.

As well as sharing guidance, Rachael will offer times of quiet, where you can practice these techniques on your own.

This workshop is open to all – whether you are completely new to meditation / yoga or an experienced practitioner.

If you are new, it can be reassuring to know that meditation isn’t about ‘not thinking’ or having a clear mind. Anyone can meditate! This workshop will teach you simple ways to keep coming back to the present moment, and support on how to be accepting and kind to yourself in the process.

Rachael’s background brings together mindfulness, mantra and heart-based meditation practices. She teaches weekly yoga classes at Flowstone.

Gong Bath Maidstone

Qigong & Gong Bath Meditation with Club Chi

Monthly Friday Sessions 7-8:30pm

 9th February, 8th March, 12th April 2024

Price: £20

Bringing Qigong and Gong Bath Meditation together for the ultimate wellbeing experience.

This 90-minute session begins with a Qigong (Movement Meditation) session, working with movement and breath, to invite calm and balance in mind and body. Then, relax and release even deeper through gong meditation. Connecting the therapeutic benefits of movement therapy and the gongs, this really is a 90-minute session which will enrich you inside and out and from top to toe.

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