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Yoga and Pilates classes for all levels. Find out who we are, what to expect and more!

Power Vinyasa Yoga with Aine

Monday 7:45pm Drop in: £12.50 / Conc. £10 / Climbing Members £7.50

A dynamic style of yoga for all levels that combines breath and movement into a sequence of poses to strengthen, squeeze and stretch your body. These classes provide a challenge for regular yogis whilst also catering for those with less experience on the mat. The result is a yoga practice that rinses and detoxifies the mind and body while building strength and flexibility on and off the mat. Expect to move, breathe, sweat, laugh, and walk out feeling happy and energised.




Vinyasa Yoga with Katrina

Wednesday 10:00am Drop in: £12.50 / Conc. £10 / Climbing Members £7.50

A dynamic class that flows from one posture to the other, connecting the breath to movement, whilst building strength and flexibility. Explore traditional yoga postures and build your yoga practice from the inside out! Get ready to move, breathe, flow and rest. All levels are welcome! Beginners included!



Pilates with Gina

Wednesday  6.45pm Drop in: £12.50 / Conc. £10 / Climbing Members £7.50

Pilates is a gentle yet effective exercise used by top athletes and dancers that will leave you feeling relaxed and energized after each session. If you suffer from back pain, have difficulty with breathing, problems with your posture or you just want to improve your core stability and get into shape, then come our classes.



Intermediate Yoga with Katrina

Tuesday  6.45pm Drop in: £12.50 / Conc. £10 / Climbing Members £7.50 /OFFER £5

Expect to be physically challenged in this class with Katrina. Incorporating the breath with the movement, flowing from one to another & experimenting with intermediate postures & beyond. Think of Katrina’s regular Vinyasa turned up a notch, as always ended with a restful relaxation  at the end. Not recommended for beginners, but if you are a frequent yogi you are more intermediate than you think.


Yoga for Climbers with Rachael

 Every Thursday 6-6:30 & 6:45-7:00pm Drop in £5 / Climbing Members Free / Studio Members Free

Our Yoga for Climbers sessions are perfect for those new to yoga and climbers looking to enhance their climbing performance. Whether you are looking to warm up before a climbing session, or experience a full body yoga session, you’ll build overall strength, mobility and mental focus – which are great for both climbers and yogis alike.


Yoga Flow for Climbers with Katrina

Saturday 10am Drop in £12 / Conc. £10 / Climbing Members Free

Flow & Restore class will transport you from your busy life into a more relaxed and calming space. We’ll begin with a flowing sequence linking postures to breath and helping to release stress or tension whilst building strength and flexibility. The second half of the class promotes deep relaxation with longer-held poses to help repair and restore the entire system. Reminder: It is YOUR practice, I’m here to support you with your needs and requirements. All experiences are welcome and a sense of humour is encouraged.


Yin Yoga Extended with Katrina

Sunday 19th May 4-5:15pm
Drop in £12.50 / Conc. £10 / Climbing Members £7.50

Yin yoga is a beautifully calming practice that invites us to slow down. Each yin pose is held for between 3 – 5 minutes targeting the tissues of the body, helping to release tension and stimulate the flow of energy (Qi) through the body. As you relax into each pose, Rachael will interweave teachings from Daoism and the philosophy of yin and yang, as well as giving you quieter moments to simply be with your experience.



Bookings Calendar

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Mum & Baby Massage, Yoga & Pregnancy Classes

mum baby yoga maidstone

Having spent over 10 years as an NHS midwife, Henrietta set up Cocoon & Bloom pregnancy and baby classes, using her experience and knowledge to empower new mums and dads on their parenthood journey.

Her baby-led and empowering classes are designed to promote baby’s physiological, neurological and emotional development. Baby massage and yoga can help to relieve many common discomforts. Both relaxing and fun, these classes enrich the bond and communication between you and your baby.

Starting from just 6 weeks of age, babies can join classes and continue their journey all the way through to approx. 18 months. Classes are exclusive to Flowstone Wellbeing Studio!

Little Buds Tuesday’s 10:30am is a baby massage class, suitable for babies aged 6 weeks until mobile (usually around 6 months). We build up to a full body massage routine for baby, plus introduce soothing holds, tummy time tips, and remedial strokes for discomforts such as tummy ache, teething and congestion from colds. £76 for 6 weeks.

Little Blossoms Tuesday’s 11:45am includes some fun baby massage but introduces baby yoga stretches, lap songs, swings and dips and includes some gentle yoga-inspired stretches for mum. Suitable for babies from 3 months of age, until approx. 8 months, depending on how mobile they are. £68 for 6 weeks.

Little Blooms Thursday’s 10:30am is a baby yoga class for older babies (boddlers and toddlers!), suitable from approx. 8 months until around 18 months old. It carries forward all the benefits of baby yoga from Little Blossoms, however for this class we recognise that as babies get that little bit older and more independent, they thrive from free, unstructured play as well as familiar repetition of songs and movements. Fun massage, movement and yoga stretches are incorporated in to play and exploration for baby. £55 for 6 weeks.

All classes focus on natural play and exploration and are all run as 6 week courses. We also set up WhatsApp groups for each class, and have lots of time to chat mum to mum (and dad to dad!), building that all important support network. All classes are a comfortable, welcoming and non-judgmental space, where babies can be babies, and parents can relax and have some escapism from day to day tasks.

Book directly with Henrietta by completing a registration form here:

Email with any enquiries or find further information on her website.

Watch this space for pregnancy yoga, being added to the Cocoon & Bloom timetable by the end of the year!

mum baby yoga maidstone

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