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May Events

Spring (Has Sprung) Bouldering League

Ready for Round 2 ?

It was great to see so many of you compete in our 1st ever league competition! We think it was a wicked success so have decided to continue. So, get ready to join our Spring (has sprung!) Bouldering league…

The league consists of 6 rounds spread through the next six weeks, Just tick off as many of our blue circuit league problems during this time-frame to be in with a just of winning some sweet prizes. More blocs will be added to the league circuit each week so make sure you keep up-to-date with the latest sets.

Round 1: Left Wall — 29.04.22
Round 2: Cave —06.05.22
Round 3: Back Wall — 13.05.22
Round 4: Top Out Boulder — 20.05.22
Round 5: Traverse Wall — 26.05.22
Round 6: Top out Boulder — 03.06.22

You’ll have until 10.06.22 to finish the latest blocs and we’ll announce the winners that weekend!

June Events



Mini Comp 10.06.22

6pm – 10pm

As aways we’ll be hosting a Fun Comp on the Comp Wall reset.
Join us for super fun comp-style blocs, wicked prizes for the winners & tasty pizza & beer offers.

No booking necessary – just turn up!


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