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Climbing is great for schools with students of all ages.

Whether you’re looking for structured GCSE or giving your students a reward with an enrichment activity, climbing for schools is easier than ever at The Climbing Experience. Our Maidstone centre can offer you thorough and detailed instruction while providing your students with the knowledge and skills they require for their course.

Our instructors have a strong understanding of the major exam boards so can train and assess your pupils. To help students and teachers develop, we provide information packs on the syllabus, enabling the participants to gain a deeper understanding away from the centre, alongside giving the teacher and the school the ability to grade the participants in this area.

If you are looking to help students challenge themselves physically and mentally, while doing a fun activity, look into our enrichment activities. All of our enrichment activities can be specially tailored to your school’s requirements. These sessions can be on ropes, our fun wall, or our bouldering walls. In addition to this, we also offer both fun clubs and after-school clubs for children and teenagers ages 4 to 18. Why not check out our blog post on the benefits of climbing for kids.

“The great thing about activities like this, as an educator, is that the kids don’t even realise they’re exercising. There’s no need to cajole them into participating because it’s just fun for them – they really enjoy themselves. It’s great to challenge them with something completely different”

– Rob Probin, Head of PE at The Shernold School


Our enrichment activity sessions are designed with fun and personal challenges in mind. Each session can be planned around your individual requirements and objectives. This can include the use of our bouldering areas, our Fun Wall, or in the form of a roped climbing session with our trained instructors. You can even sign your students up to participate in the nationally recognised NIBAS programme.

Climbing sessions aim at getting pupils to challenge themselves, build self-confidence and have a fun time climbing. Whether it is their first time climbing or they have a wealth of climbing experience, we have activities and challenges to suit all abilities.

GCSE climbing for schools

At The Climbing Experience, we are able to facilitate a sport-climbing GCSE module at our centre.  We are familiar with all of the exam boards climbing module requirements and our talented, enthusiastic and well-qualified instructors are there to help your students make the grade.  

We usually ask for at least 6 lessons to provide your students with all of the instruction and evidence they need to support their PE GCSE, however, if time out of the classroom is an issue, we also provide an intensive GCSE course.


BTEC climbing for schools

Similar to our 6 week GCSE course, we also provide a 6-week course for students who are studying the BTEC Sports curriculum.

Our 6 week BTEC course includes the main components of learning:

  • Exploring the sport
  • Developing knowledge of the sport
  • Applying knowledge of the sport

We develop students’ knowledge by teaching and then improving the group climbing techniques. Following with why climbing sessions are structured in a specific way, finishing off their development by exploring how other sports can aid their climbing.

To book climbing lessons for your students send an email to

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