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Why Choose Climbing For Your Next Corporate Away Day


Corporate away days offer companies and their employees the opportunity to exercise communication and team building skills in a dynamic and fresh setting. 

Nowadays the more adventurous options have become massively popular with businesses.

They put team members in brand-new situations where interesting insights about people’s strengths and weaknesses become clear. Moreover, they help strengthen employee relationships and directly improve communication skills among team members.

The phenomenon of bouldering has been exploding in popularity around the world in recent years. As a result, we’ve seen a huge spike in demand for climbing-focused corporate away days here at The Climbing Experience.

If you’re looking for your next away day and fancy trying something new and exciting, then this blog post will help you decide if a climbing away day is for you!

Without further ado, let’s jump into the reasons why you should pick climbing for your next corporate away day.

It Encourages Employee Bonding

Climbing is a very social sport by nature. 

You spend time working with your partners to figure out the easiest and best way to reach the top of the wall. 

It’s a fantastic way of breaking the ice between team members and getting the conversation flowing naturally.

In turn, it provides employees a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other in an environment not restricted by usual organizational hierarchies, allowing them to bond on a more personal level.

Since employee interpersonal relations are hugely important for the smooth running of any office, we think this is pretty awesome!

It Improves Communication & Strengthens Relationships

Aside from the benefits of deeper connections and relationships between employees, climbing also offers an incredible opportunity for team members to work on their communication skills. 

Bouldering provides problems for people to solve with both their minds and bodies. As your team works together to solve these problems they’ll exercise and improve their communication with one another and further strengthen relationships as a result.

Carrying out this helpful communication exercise will teach your team to describe ideas to their partners, listen to others and reach a conclusion together based on the ideas they put forward. 

If that isn’t solid teamwork, then what is?

It Inspires Innovation & Creative Thinking

Alongside the inter-personal benefits of a climbing corporate away day, it’ll also inspire innovation and creative thinking within your team. 

Since it’s likely many of your team won’t have experienced rock climbing before, they’ll have to think outside the box and be creative if they want to reach the top. 

The problem-solving aspect of climbing really drives this need for innovation and creativity. 

There’s often many different ways a route can be climbed, meaning your team will have to come up with a plan, test it out on the wall, analyse what went wrong, make any tweaks required to their tactics and then execute perfectly to reach their goal – much like they do in business!

It Leaves Employees Feeling Re-Energised & Motivated 

Have you ever been stuck with a task, felt down trodden and like you’ll never get it done; only to walk away for 5 minutes and find it now seems easy upon your return?

Escaping the monotonous office environment provides employees a mental break from the usual hustle and bustle of their working lives. 

Breaks like this create space for blue-sky thinking and opportunities for employees to become re-energised and motivated on their return to work. 

Why not instill the same effect in your employees with an away day climbing with us?

It Develops Problem-Solving Skills

We’ve already touched lightly on this point, but the very nature of climbing promotes the development of creative problem-solving skills. 

The climbs or routes are literally referred to as “problems” by the climbing community. 

Many people passionate about the sport will tell you that it’s the mental challenge of working out a way up the wall which attracts them to the sport.

Why not bring your team in to see who can solve problems in a brand new setting – the insights you get could be hugely valuable!

It Provides Valuable Insights For Managers

As briefly alluded to above, there’s huge benefits available to any manager who brings in their team for a climbing-focused away day.

The job of a manager is to know their employees’ strengths and weaknesses, help they grow and to properly manage people in order to get the best result out of them. 

One perfect way to get to know your employees’ individual strengths and weaknesses is to thrust them into an unfamiliar setting and see how they perform. 

Watching how each person reacts to the new challenge and contributes in their own unique way to help solve the problem will highlight where each member provides the most value. 

Is it in conceptualizing ideas, communicating with others or taking a leadership position to help guide the team? Perhaps it’s with creative problem-solving?

Insights such as these are invaluable to managers and can only be achieved by taking employees out of their usual setting and providing them a fresh challenge to sink their teeth into.

Choosing climbing will ensure your next day away from the office is focused on teamwork and problem solving, the perfect way to guarantee you get the insights you hoped for.

It Ensures Staff Satisfaction

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, employees love to try something new and have fun with their colleagues. 

Creating a sense of belonging and community within a team is crucial for maintaining a well-oiled machine and driving employee satisfaction.

Since this kind of satisfaction is a vital responsibility for any manager, you can safely say you’ll have done your job after a team session at the bouldering gym – trust us on this!

Final Thoughts

The benefits of a corporate away day at The Climbing Experience are endless. 

Whether you’re looking to grow teamwork skills, problem-solving, relationships and employee satisfaction, or you’re looking to gain valuable insights about your team’s strengths and weaknesses, a climbing away day is the one for you!

Contact us here to learn more about our corporate away day packages, we’re just a call or an email away 🙂

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