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15 Gifts to Buy your Climber Friends this Xmas


With Christmas just around the corner many of us are running around trying to sort gifts for our friends and family in time. 

We thought we’d take some of the stress out of it for those who know a climber or two. 

With the sport exploding around the world it’s more than likely you know someone who can’t stop talking about it, whether it’s that “slopey V3” or that “tricky dyno” they’ve been working on. 

If you’d like to treat that obsessed friend or family member this Xmas then this blog post is for you!

Stocking Fillers


When climbing, people’s hands get pretty sweaty which makes them slip off the holds quite easily. 

To improve friction and help your mate stay on the wall longer, consider buying them some chalk this Xmas.

It won’t cost you an arm or a leg and it’ll definitely help them send their long-term proj!

Super Chalk 9oz

Super Chalk 9oz
Regular price £7

Chalk Bag

If you’re looking for the perfect present to go alongside some chalk, then a chalk bag will complement it perfectly. 

What use is some loose chalk without somewhere to store it, eh?

Chalk Bag

Organic Climbing
Chalk Bag
Regular price £22


Another one to help your friends top a load of routes… The more people climb a problem the more sweaty the holds get. 

One way to overcome this is chalk, but to really fix the problem a brush is required too. 

Add this to your friend’s climbing arsenal to give them an even better chance of sending harder routes!

Katana Brush Set

Katana Brush Set
Regular price £12

Finger Tape

Again, if you know a climber you’ll know that climbing significantly wears (and tears) the skin on people’s fingers. 

Especially in the beginning when your skin is still soft, people often get rips in their skin and need something to cover the whole to allow them to keep on climbing. 

What’s more, people often experience minor finger injuries when climbing and use tape to protect their pulleys and tendons so they can continue climbing through it. 

Enter climbing tape. A necessity for any climber’s arsenal. 

Simply wrap the tape around any injured finger to cover any wounds or dodgey tendons to quickly and effectively provide a temporary fix and keep you climbing for longer.

Finger Tape

Rock Technologies
Finger Tape
From £3.50

Boot Bananas

If any of you live with a climber or have hung out with one after a long session you’ll know that climbing shoes get really, REALLY smelly. 

These fragrant boot bananas will help the climber you know stay smelling fresh even after a 2+ hour session in the gym. 

Just slip the bananas into your shoes after training and they’ll smell like lavender the next time they whip them out.

Original Shoe deoderiser

Boot Bananas
Original Shoe deoderiser
Regular price £16

Bigger Gifts

Climbing Shoes

No climber is complete without a pair of their own climbing shoes. 

Perhaps you know someone who recently got into the sport and hasn’t got their own pair yet?

Or maybe you know an experienced climber whose toes are poking through the ends of their shoes and you just can’t deal with the sight of it anymore? 

If either of these speaks to you then a new pair of shoes will be the ultimate gift to give this Christmas.

Come into TCE or check out our online store to get advice on which pair to go for!

Scarpa Vapor V

Scarpa Vapor V
Regular price £115

Climbing Trousers

Perhaps a staple of the more avid climber, specifically designed trousers are a fantastic option if you’re looking to help your friend or loved one level up their climbing game this Xmas. 

With a huge range of styles and colours our climbing gear shop is the perfect place to start.

Womens Chinos

Womens Chinos
Regular price £75 Sale price £65

Branded Gym Clothing 

Does the climber you know have a favourite climbing gym they’re always hanging out at?

Most gyms offer branded merchandise like T-shirts and other clothing.

Help your friend become a true member of their local climbing community by getting them some cool, branded clothing.

(Available in store)


Perhaps one for the more experienced climbers. The hangboard is a staple of any climbing training routine. 

With different sized holds and edges it helps for strength training and is one of the most revered tactics for improving your finger strength. 

If you really want to help someone progress their climbing ability, we highly recommend this as a gift!

10-20 Entry Pass

Many climbing gyms offer multiple entry passes at a discount. If you’ve got a friend who already has all the climbing gear they need but would still like to get something climbing related this is the gift for you!

You’ll directly pay for them to get to climb more, giving them hours and hours of fun swinging around in the gym. 

To purchase a multi-entry pass at TCE, click here


Gift Cards

If you’re a little unsure about exactly what gift to purchase your friends this Christmas, why not consider getting them a gift card to their local climbing gear shop?

This way you can get them something related to the sport they love and not have to make any of the decision yourself. 

Definitely a safe option for those who don’t know much about the sport!

Click here for more info.

Gifts for Outdoor Climbers

Bouldering Pad

If the climber you know also boulders outdoors and you’d like to get them something a little more pricey, then a bouldering crash pad could be the ideal gift!

Crash pads are used to break falls and prevent injuries when climbing. They are a necessity if someone is bouldering outside as they cushion landings and make it a whole lot safer.

If you know someone who recently got heavily into indoor climbing this could be the perfect present for them. Getting outdoors is a natural progression for anyone into climbing. 

In fact, most experienced climbers will tell you that it’s all about climbing outside and the experience of it is the very reason they still climb and train indoors today. 

Helping someone take the next step in their climbing journey by purchasing them their first crash pad will certainly be a special present and something they’ll likely remember long into the future.

SNAP Grand Rebound Astro Crash Pad

SNAP Grand Rebound Astro Crash Pad
Regular price £295

Climbing Rope

For those climbers with a passion for roped climbing there’s always the option of getting them a new rope. 

Perhaps you know someone who’s been talking about getting into this discipline of the sport for sometime and would love to help them take that first step?

This will not only keep them safe on those longer routes, but also open the door to 1000s of more routes across the UK.

Boa 9.8mm 40m

Boa 9.8mm 40m
Regular price £80 Sale price £65

Belay Device/Grigri

To complete a set of outdoor climbing gear you’ll need a belay device/grigri.

It’s the final piece of the puzzle after you’ve got a rope and quickdraws and is a total necessity if you want to climb safely. 

Safety is paramount for most climbers as they want to keep climbing for as long as they can. 

Making a decent belay device the perfect gift for anyone who wants to keep their climber friend safe.

Eagle/Ferry Belay Set

Eagle/Ferry Belay Set
Regular price £24


A necessity for anyone into their lead climbing, quickdraws are used to clip into bolts on the rock as well as onto your rope. 

Without a decent set of quickdraws no climber will get very far on a sport/lead route. 

What’s more, you can never really have enough of them. Meaning a climber will always welcome a few new quickdraws to their kitbag with open arms.

Wrap Up

We hope this list of potential gifts has given you some ideas of what to get your climber friends this Xmas.

If you’re unsure where to start looking, our climbing gear shop (link) is the perfect place to start.

Happy shopping!

P.S. If you’re unsure about which products to go for, feel free to call us up or come into the centre and we’d be happy to help in any way we can 🙂

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