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Adult Climbing for beginners

Adult climbing Bouldering induction | £25 pp

Adults must complete an induction with us if they have not bouldered before.

This one-hour adult climbing course (16+) gives you an introduction to the sport of bouldering, as well as to The Climbing Experience’s facilities.

The lesson will take you from a complete beginner to being able to use the centre and boulder unsupervised. You’ll learn some of the fundamentals of climbing technique, along with all the safety information you need to know.

No previous climbing experience is required and all equipment hire (climbing shoes and chalk) is covered in the cost of the induction. Our instructor ratio is one instructor to a maximum of six participants.

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Wanna get some tips before joining us? Check out these bouldering tips for beginners

“Climbing may be hard, but it’s easier than growing up.”

– Stewart M. Green


Adult Climbing Courses


G13 Building Blocs

Foundation Course | £80

Climbing up to font 5 and looking to push that grade a little? Our building blocs foundation course is the place to be.  This 4-week focuses on the foundational skills of climbing, and confidence building. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at beginner technique such as body position, basic movement and, of course, good footwork. It’s a great way to meet new people to climb with while building that all important foundation on which you can base the rest of your climbing progress.

Framework Course | £80

Are you looking to break into the f6s this year? We’ve kicked off a brand new adult course to follow on from the Building Blocs: Foundation. If you’ve completed the Foundation course or you’re stuck on the Orange circuits in G13 then this is for you!

The 4-week course will cover in depth techniques including body positioning, route reading and footwork. The difference with this course is that we’ll take a deep dive into why these techniques are so important when it comes to climbing harder and harder grades.

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Private Instruction and 1:1 coaching

Beginner/Intermediate Private Lesson

£40 up to 2 people + £15 per each additional participant

Beginner/Intermediate private lessons can be booked for children or adults who are climbing up to our orange circuit (f5-5+).  Adults must complete a bouldering induction prior to booking a private lesson. Beginner private lessons are for children or adults who have just started their bouldering journey and are looking for some structure and goals to work toward. 

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Beta Sessions

£45 / £55 1-hour session |  £65 / £75 1.5-hour session (up to 2 people)

(price dependent upon chosen instructor)

Beta sessions are aimed at Intermediate level climbers who may be stuck on particular problems within a grade or circuit. These coaching sessions aimed at breaking routes down into their movements and understanding their technical requirements, with an ultimate focus on improving route-reading ability, tactics and technique.

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Performance Coaching

Initial 1.5hr assessment £75  

These 1:1 coaching sessions are aimed at intermediate to advanced level climbers looking to push their grade and climbing capabilities. The initial assessment with our head coach will look at your current strengths, weaknesses and climbing technique and training experience. This will enable us to structure future sessions, informed, of course, by your climbing goals and needs.

Follow-up coaching sessions 

After the initial assessment we will then suggest a plan for future coaching sessions and instructors that will suit your needs and ability, however ultimately, the choice of instructor is up to you!

Senior CoachCoach
1 x 1.5 hr session | £751 x 1.5 hr session | £65
2 x 1.5 hr session | £1202 x 1.5 hr session | £110
4 x 1.5 hr session | £2204 x 1.5 hr session | £195
Additional 6-week training plan | £50

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