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About The Climbing Experience

The Climbing Experience is Kent’s largest indoor climbing centre featuring a mind-blowing fun wall adventure area, state-of-the-art bouldering facilities and so much more. 

Our fun wall offers everyone and anyone the chance to take their first steps of their climbing journey in a safe (yet fun) setting. While in G13, our dedicated bouldering gym, you’ll find a 30-metre competition wall, a steep cave, plenty of slabs, and two standalone boulders, one requiring you to bravely top-out and the other a low-hanging arch to test your upper body strength.  

With new routes set every week and a wide range of difficulties available there will always be a project waiting for you, whether you’re totally new to bouldering or a well-known crusher. 

Climbing isn’t just great for your physical fitness, it’s a fantastic mental workout too. Just as it challenges your body to become stronger and more flexible, it also stimulates your brain and focuses your mind and spirit, making it the ideal sport for people wanting to de-stress and increase mindfulness.  

“When you ride your bike, you’re working your legs, but your mind is on a treadmill. When you play chess, your mind is clicking along, but your body is stagnating. Climbing brings it together in a beautiful, magical way. The adrenaline is flowing, and it’s flowing all the time.”

– Pat Ament, climber and author

Who we are

The Climbing Experience was set up by two passionate local climbers who always dreamt of opening an indoor climbing centre in the heart of Kent. TCE was born from a vision to create a community-focused space allowing people of all skill levels and abilities to discover, explore and share our love of climbing. 

We created TCE based on two fundamental values – a love of climbing and a passion for introducing newcomers to the sport, watching them build strength, develop technique and grow as individuals as a result! 

Here you’ll find a safe and superbly maintained facility, staffed by climbers totally committed to ensuring that your experience – whether you’re a pro or a first-timer – is the very best it can be. 

Our Services

On top of our state-of-the-art bouldering gym and Fun Wall, our other services include kid’s NIBAS coaching, yoga and fitness classes, access to our relaxing café and meeting room, and free WIFI across the centre.  

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to give you a tour. 

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